Gallery One

RMCM:1… we sacrifice the complete truth of any given experience for the value to which we are constrained.

RMCM: 12…Containers express and acquire value iteratively.


Opportunity Knocking


4″X4″X6″ Wood, stones, and acrylic paint, and varnish. 09/2018

$350.00 CAD. FOB. Taxes, duties, and applicable fees extra.

Cause: difference opened.

Abstraction: an instance of a novel value.

Container: any given constraint on flow.

Constraint: any given embrace.

In Gallery One, “Opportunity Knocking” works will be featured. Some previous containers have the title of “Opportunity” only. Though the works are numbered, not all of the art is containers. The numbering is used to keep track of the containers, other molded fiberglass work, and paintings.

These works are made of either plywood, MDF, molded fiberglass or in the form of one-off fiberglass parts. The wooden parts are painted with artist quality acrylic paints, and varnishes, while the fiberglass parts are painted with solvent, or automotive paints, and 2K urethane clear-coats, unless otherwise specified. Each container holds stones or steel balls.

The idea came as I began to realize that words are containers, and like art reveal and hide meaning. That a complete understanding will always be lacking, and the best we can hope for is a superficial consensus to mask the underlying dissonance.

The stones, or the steel balls, when the containers are shaken, are an invitation, “opportunity knocking”, too consider additional understandings of the words or signs that appear on the containers. The stones or steel balls are containers in themselves, hiding even greater understanding, and a knowledge that somethings may never be known.

Opportunity knocking


3″X5’X8.5″ Molded fiberglass/MDF base,stones,and 2K clear coat 9/2019

$850.00 CAD. FOB. Taxes, duties, and applicable fees extra.

Some say if you explain your work, it fails as a work of art. However, I say share for others in their own search for meaning. After all, Art reveals, and art hides.

Opportunity #69

4.5″X5″X5.75″ Wood, stones, acrylic paint, and varnish. 10/2018

$350.00 CAD. FOB. Taxes, duties, and applicable fees extra.