Art: The juxtaposition of metaphor to elucidate a Principle.

RMCM:21 … While all metaphors yearn to be implemented, only principles can.

The “idea” of art is in flux, striving for implementation through expression. One moment this, then that, adopted by those who see art as an immediate need fulfilled. Tying one’s past, and future to the present. Affirming one’s autonomy. Allowing for reflection of one’s life trajectory. Art is personal.

Art is a conundrum. Art is abstract, an abstraction, and an abstract entity. And, questions abound about art. One, particularly of proper art, and improper art. Thanks to James Joyce, proper art is to be held in esthetic contemplation and enjoyment while improper art is that which arouses fear and loathing, or a desire to possess. I will go further and suggest that proper art holds the potential of an epiphany; “thou art that”, signifying the relationship between the individual and the Absolute, while affirming an individual’s autonomy. Additionally, is art a sign, or symbol? Where a sign points to something known, a symbol points to something unknown, and unknowable. Thoughts have led me to believe that art should point towards the latter; the Eternal, the transcendent ground of being. Does the presence of time in harmony with Eternity resolve a paradox: are we are in the embrace of time or Eternity? I will suggest both, we are metaphors in time as expressed by Eternity.

My early paintings were an attempt to encapsulate what I felt to be true. Snap-shots of a personal philosophy. Although the early years produced a substantial body of work nothing resonated with me in a way that suggested that I had arrived at elucidating a Principle.

Point: a zero volume container, a MassTime event.

Time: that which arises through expression.

In 2002 I had the good fortune to meet Donald Cameron. This encounter lead to regular meetings where he brought to my attention a hypothesis he had been working on. That was the Rational Model of Complex Mechanisms (RMCM). In the following years, the model developed into what it is today; a unifying theory of the Universe. A theory that postulates that the simplest construct in the Universe is the point, a zero volume container. From points, all Mass and Time come into being.

Expression: any fulcrum, function, or Point, arising through Density, within a given aggregate.

Abstraction: an instance of a novel value.

Simplicity : polymorphic multibehavioralism + inexpression.

In 2008 the art took on a new aesthetic, one that considered each new abstraction too have emerged from another; an abstraction of an abstraction. This, where the whole becomes greater then the sum of its parts; an ennoblement. An ennoblement, not of hierarchy, but of simplicity.

Then again in 2020 the work simplified again, to the point of using two colors to express a personal truth; that we are metaphors in time as expressed by Eternity. An ennoblement of the individual.

Ultimately, an artist must surrender to the muse, and as I have experienced, the journey has been long, frustrating at times, replete with moments of joyful discovery, and an affirmation of my individual autonomy.

Ambivalence: the experience of concurrent like and dislike.

Indifference: that which lies outside of our experience.

Value: any flow within a given flow.

RMCM: 29 … Engage your dislikes through your Likes as your dislikes protect you from your indifference.

Art reveals and art hides.